Solar Power – The Profitable & Green Alternative

Photovoltaic and solar thermal power systems produce clean and renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. Solar systems can be ground mounted or installed on a rooftop to generate electricity or hot water. Solar Power is practical, efficient and environment-friendly. read more

Solar Energy - Free And Renewable

Solar Energy is a renewable energy source - it is clean, free and unlimited. The use of it is not location specific and makes installation owners more independent. Regarding solar energy pros and cons, there are way more advantages than disadvantages. read more

A Variety of Solar Solutions

In remote areas, photovoltaic systems can provide power where access to the open grid is not possible. But there is also a wide range of solar solutions that do not require electronic devices, like passive solar. The use of solar energy offers a wide range of possibilities. read more

Solar Companies And Solar Panel Manufacturers

The brand of a solar panel is an indicator for quality. Solar Panels made by different manufacturers show strong distinctions according to panel efficiency and durability. read more

Solar Water Heating and Air Cooling Systems

Solar Energy can also be used to heat the water or cool the air in your home. Even for your pool a solar hot water system can provide warm water. A solar water heating system has as its main components solar collectors, also called solar thermal panels. read more

Costs and Grants for Solar Energy Systems

Solar panel prices are currently declining and will keep falling according to experts. At the same time solar grants are quite high and make solar energy systems affordable. At last the size of the solar energy system determines the price. read more

Solar Cells - Small Components of PV Systems

The smallest components of Solar Panels are Solar Cells. Most common are polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells which have good efficiency rates. Also very popular are thin film solar cells. They are lighter and work better in diffuse light. read more

Solar Panels And Applications

Solar cells are connected and framed as solar panels. They can be installed as photovoltaic system on the ground or on roofs. There are diverse types of solar panels according to different requirements. Placement, size and energy use are aspects which have to be considered. read more

Solar Power - Solar Electricity & Heating

Solar Energy is by far the Earth's most available and abundant energy resource. We can use this energy to produce eco-friendly electricity with photovoltaics or heat water with a solar water heating system.

Solar Energy in the UK

The UK has a big resource potential concerning solar energy, but provided only 1% of its energy needs with solar power until 2009. Nevertheless solar technology is far advanced and offers comfortable solutions.

Be independent & cut costs with solar power!

The sun provides us every day with its light, which arrives on earth as solar radiation. Solar radiation is the total frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun. It varies with the distance of Earth and Sun and seasonal solar cycles. When it is blocked by the clouds, absorbed or scattered, it is experienced as diffused radiation.

Solar Power Could Cover All Energy Needs

Solar energy has been expanding rapidly. The cost per kilowatt-hour of solar photovoltaic systems has also been dropping, while electricity generated from fossil fuels is becoming more expensive.

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