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Financial Incentives

With the recent fuel price increases, many homeowners are worried about the price of heating their homes and providing enough hot water to meet their household needs. Many of the same people are also concerned about environmental issues and the size of their carbon footprint spiking an interest in renewable energy technology. Despite the initial investments, solar heating grants can offset the cost of an installation to a certain degree.

Solar heating grants such as the Renewable Heat Incentive help people to purchase solar thermal installations. Grants may be redeemable  for equipment including renewable heat pumps and solar thermal panels. These solar heating grants can help with the initial outlay. There are several options available and if you are eligible, then you may qualify for various solar heating grants targeted at different types of systems.

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment & the Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar heating grants from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (which runs from 1st August 2011 to 31st March 2012) ranges from £300 per solar thermal unit - or up to £1250 for a Ground Source Heat Pump unit, for example. This reduces the amount of money you need to pay up front, and it will also considerably reduce your water or space heating bills. Alternatively, if you don’t think you might qualify for solar heating grants, it’s possible to self-fund the installation of solar thermal heating. Later in 2012, the Renewable Heat Incentive mentioned above will also cover the domestic sector and replace the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

Solar Heating GrantsGreenskies Solar Panels, © Bosch Thermotechnology Limited

Solar thermal energy can be used in many different ways. For example, it can be used to heat water for bathing and showering. It can also be used to heat air and provide space heating for your home. Solar heating grants can help to make this technology available to many people who thought it would be out of their price range.

If you’re not sure whether your home is suitable for this type of technology, it’s worth getting a free survey to find out what type of renewable energy installation is most likely to be suitable for your home. Once you’ve investigated solar heating grants and chosen your supplier, most equipment can be installed in a day or so which means that there’s very little mess and inconvenience for homeowners.

Written by: Oliver Behrla, Editor